Pole System Vs Hand Cleaning – Which is better?

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    Pole System Vs Hand Cleaning – Which is better?

    Traditional window cleaning by hand has, over the last few years, become somewhat of an ancient art - but what has happened within the industry? Is there something wrong with this method of cleaning or are newer methods more efficient or do they provide better results?

    Well, I think the answers to these questions will surprise you.

    Let's start with safety

    More and more window cleaning companies have now made the move to a pole fed system. This is mainly due to safety concerns about the use of ladders, despite the fact that most professional window cleaners have been using ladders for years and are well aware of the dangers of working at heights. If you choose a reputable window cleaning company, they will treat their safety, that of their employees and their customers with the utmost priority. Check with your window cleaner that he has 'Public Indemnity Insurance'. This provides you with protection and peace of mind in that if damage is accidentally caused to you or your property, you have the means to claim compensation. Public Indemnity Insurance is not cheap and many window cleaning companies try to keep costs low but not investing in this cover and you should avoid any companies that do as this says a great deal about how they operate their business and their values.

    Use of the pole cleaning system isn't without its own risks. Extending a long pole requires both balance and co-ordination and long runs of hosepipe can create a tripping hazard for the uninitiated.

    Better keep yourself clean and bright; you are the window through which you must see the world.

    George Bernard Shaw


    Which Cleans the best?

    It is clear that customers have their own preferences. Some say they don't like the pole cleaning system for a number of reasons. This includes windows and sills being left wet and dripping after cleaning which can result in spotting on windows. Cleaning by standing so far away from the window means that you can't possibly see whether windows are truly clean and if there are areas left unclean.

    Another consideration is hard to reach windows. Many customers opt for a pole cleaning system as they believe that a traditional window cleaner will not be able to reach windows above conservatories or hard to reach areas. Whilst this may be true for windows that extend beyond the safety limit for ladders, it may be possible to clean the outside of windows from the inside.

    Cleaning windows by hand gives you an advantage as you can both see and clean stubborn areas. We maintain that if you clean something by hand, you clean it better.

    There are many window cleaning companies that have now switched completely to the pole system. It is clear that the time it takes to clean the windows of a property using this system is significantly less than that of doing so by hand. Perhaps this is the motivation behind the shift it approach.

    We don't proclaim to be the cheapest; there are always other companies willing to undercut our prices. However, we believe you get in life what you pay for and hundreds of our satisfied customers agree with us.

    What is your experience of the pole system? Are you happy with how it clean's your windows? Why not share your experiences and thoughts with us below

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